The information and terms on this page apply to personal commissions for private clients. For promotional, commercial or freelance work please contact me for more information!


I price commissions based on numerous variables, which include but aren’t limited to paper/canvas size, medium choice, research time, image detail and complexity. Please get in touch about what you’d like me to draw and I’ll give you a quote! Please scroll down for art examples or have a look at my portfolio. Here are some base prices for common commission topics:

  • Characters → starting at 80 EUR
    • No background or simple color / pattern
    • Two sketch revisions included in price
  • Couples & Groups → starting at 125 EUR
    • No background or simple color/pattern
    • Three sketch revisions included in price
  • Animals, Plants, Food, Etc → starting at 60 EUR
    • No background or simple color/pattern
    • Two sketch revisions included in price
  • Character or costume design starting at 150 EUR
    • No background, simple color/pattern or reference sheet format
    • Three sketch revisions included in price
  • Illustrations → starting at 250 EUR
    • Any subject, any background
    • Three sketch revisions included in price
  • Anything else → Ask me for a quote!

Payment info

  • I usually charge in EUR. Payment options are Stripe invoice (preferred) or PayPal invoice. Domestic (Finnish) clients can choose to pay via direct bank transfer. If you’re unable to use these payment methods but would like to commission me in any case please get in touch and I’ll see what I can do!
  • All commissions costing less than 250 EUR must be paid in full upfront. If the commission costs exactly or more than 250 EUR the client can pay in multiple parts, but at least 50% upfront.
  • 2-3 sketch revisions are included in my usual commission rates. Further revisions will be declined or charged for separately.
  • Clients are expected to pay within 14 days of receiving their invoice. Failure to pay within this timeframe will add +8% to the invoice total every 14 days for as long as the invoice is overdue.
  • I have to charge VAT from EU based clients, but this does not require any extra steps or fees from them and is always included in the prices I present here or otherwise.
  • UK CLIENTS! After Brexit it’s impossible for me to directly take payments from UK-based clients via invoice. However, I can do so via my Etsy store! When you commission me I will create a custom listing for a custom item, which you can then pay for via Etsy’s interface. As an online marketplace Etsy handles all of UK’s complex taxation requirements in my stead.
  • Clients can cancel their commission at any point, but only partial refunds are provided based on how much work I’ve already done. Alternatively if the full price of the commission hasn’t yet been paid the client must still pay a kill fee to cover for the work I’ve already done. If I have to cancel the commission myself for any reason I will provide a full refund.
  • If the client wants the original physical copy of their commission shipped to them they must cover shipping costs and be located in a country I can safely ship an item to.

Do’s & Don’ts

I will draw:

  • Humans, animals, creatures, anthros, etc
  • Fan art
  • Flowers and plants
  • Food, items, props, etc
  • Backgrounds
  • Large groups of charaters
  • Armor, weapons, robots, vehicles, mecha etc with sufficient references
  • High effort jokes and memes
  • Mature themes (SFW)

I won’t draw:

  • Explicit violence, gore or body horror
  • Explicit nudity, sexual content or fetishes
  • Hateful content
  • Real people without their conset or other sensible reasoning
  • Anything I don’t want to draw for any reason


You can get in touch with me through any way presented on my Contact page. Here’s an overview of the information I will need for commissions:

  • Client’s email address and country of residence
  • Desired method of payment if applicable
  • A detailed description of the commission and its planned usage if there is any
  • Visual references if necessary (stickfigure doodles drawn in Paint are a great reference to explain an idea visually)
  • Budget and/or schedule if there are any

I aim to communicate regularly and give estimates based on how long different parts of the art process will take as well as I can.

All the necessary digital files (usually .PNG 300 dpi) of the artwork will be delivered via email or a Google Drive link. If the client wishes an original physical copy of their art to be delivered to them I will need them to cover shipping costs and to provide the necessary shipping information. Please get in touch if you have any questions!

  • Each client is instructed to and expected to read this page as well as consent to the terms presented here. Any breach of them will count as a breach of contract and revokes all the rights granted to the client. Additional fees to the client may also be issued.
  • All commissions offered according to the terms and conditions presented here are only for personal, noncommercial use for private clients.
  • Using commissioned artwork on Twitch, Youtube and the like is a gray area that falls between personal and promotional use. Generally speaking I allow such use but please talk to me about how you’d like to use the commissioned art on your channel so I can provide you with the best possible service and fair pricing.
  • Clients may commission art as a gift to another individual. The rights and limitations presented here apply to recipients of gifts as well as the original commissioner.
  • I reserve the right to decline service to any client for any reason without obligation to specify a reason.
  • I reserve the right to and ownership of all artwork created as commissions. I can use the art for my portfolio and post it online.
  • All sketches, plans and artwork created for cancelled commissions remain my property and I have the right to repurpose them.
  • If the client wants to claim full ownership of their commissioned artwork or doesn’t want me to post it publically they will have to pay additional fees in exchange of additional ownership rights and will have to sign a separate contract.
  • Clients are allowed to print their commissioned art for personal use. They have the right to use the art online as a profile picture, profile banner, or simply just post it on social media with proper credit to the artist. Clients are not allowed to claim they created the art and they’re not allowed to edit, modify or adapt it without permission. If the commission includes a signature the client is not allowed to remove, edit or obscure it purposefully.
  • Clients are not allowed to use their commissioned artwork to promote a service, event or project even if it’s noncommercial without explicit permission from the artist.
  • Clients are not allowed to use their commissioned artwork in cryptocurrency trade, for blockchain-based projects or on blockchain-based platforms, or in conjuction with things generally related to crypto, blockchains or metaverses, and are never allowed to mint an NFT of their artwork or otherwise tokenize it. Doing this is a breach of contract and clients are required to pay for exclusive commercial rights as compensation to the artst.
  • Clienst are not allowed to upload their commissioned artwork to image generation websites or databases used to train image generating AI systems and sites. They are also not allowed to edit the artwork or create derivatives of it via machine learning or comparable technologies. Doing this is a breach of contract and clients are required to pay for exclusive commercial rights as compensation to the artst.
  • If you have any questions please contact me!

A glimpse at my art: